Dust: Part 33

The Start Previous Part “It’s you!” exclaimed Tamaya. Keegan picked himself up off the sidewalk. “Uh… What’s me?” “You were in the accident, weren’t you?” “Um, why would you say that?” stammered Keegan, clearly taken aback. “You are way to warm for a normal person,” Tamaya blurted in response, briefly touching his still warm shoulder […]

Dust: Part 32

The Start Previous Part Thursday and Friday had passed without incident, and come Saturday morning Tamaya began preparing to leave. She felt rather foolish for thinking she’d be able to succeed where everyone else at her job had failed, and hoped that she would be able to return to work without any of this causing […]

Dust: Part 31

The Start Previous Part “I know I’ve seen that bike before!” Tamaya exclaimed as she looked at an image of it she had just taken with a camera borrowed from Simon. The camera had plenty of zoom and good image quality, so she was able to get a good image without getting too close. Now […]

Dust: Part 30

The Start Previous Part The shop had been open for a couple hours when Tamaya arrived on Thursday morning. She wandered between the shelves for several minutes, apparently trying to make up her mind about something. She left again without saying anything. “What do you think that was about?” Keegan wondered aloud. “Beats me,” responded […]

Dust: Part 29

The Start Previous Part “One day back to normal life, check.” remarked Keegan as he plopped down on his bed for the night. Much to his relief, the day had passed entirely without incident. Rick had gotten the idea after being bugged about it, and the subject only came up one or two more times […]

Dust: Part 28

The Start Previous Part “That must be the bike,” Tamaya observed from a few blocks away. There really wasn’t anything to see from that distance, but it was about as close as she felt safe getting. “I wonder how long they’ll leave that just sitting there…” The bike just sitting there was the only thing […]

Dust: Part 27

The Start Previous Part “Hey you guys remember my niece?” Simon asked just after arriving to his shop on Wednesday morning. “She’s visiting, she’ll probably come over and say hi sometime today.” “Uh, which one?” responded Rick as he restocked some shelves. “Tamaya, she’s you guys’ age.” “Oh yeah… Tamaya…” Rick glanced over to Keegan […]

Dust: Part 26

The Start Previous Part When Tuesday evening arrived, Tamaya drove to her uncle Simon’s house. Supper was about ready when she arrived. Simon mentioned the accident before Tamaya brought it up, saying that he had been required to close down his shop for a few days. “What happened?” she inquired, trying not to sound too […]

Dust: Part 25

The Start Previous Part Tamaya returned to her apartment after reading through the accident reports while putting them away then pacing to and fro for several minutes trying to decide what to do with them. In the end she left them at the desk in archives with a note explaining the situation, sans the whole […]

Dust: Part 24

The Start Previous Part When Tamaya reached archives it was immediately clear that no one was around. The desk was empty and the lights were off, but that didn’t stop her from calling out to see if anyone was there. After waiting for an answer and nervously glancing around, she made the decision to call […]

Dust: Part 23

The Start Previous Part Work had been insane for the last couple days for Tamaya Sheach. She didn’t really know what was going on, but everyone was working overtime and the amount of papers they were having her shuffle back and forth was far beyond thrice usual. Something big had happened, that much she could […]

Dust: Part 22

The Start Previous Part Keegan spent the rest of Saturday checking just about any radio frequency that might conceivably be used by the people searching for him. He sent a message to Rick suggesting he do the same. Rick was probably in a better position to check for radio related stuff anyway, as he had […]

Dust: Part 21

The Start Previous Part Keegan had been going through his day normally, spending some time on his computer and doing some chores, when the full impact of what had happened the night before hit him. Not the part where he died and reappeared in the woods, but the whole situation with the bike. He was […]

Dust: Part 20

The Start Previous Part Friday morning arrived, and Keegan had actually slept reasonably well for the first time in a few days. Whatever was happening, his body was getting used to it. He really wanted to find out more about what supposedly happens when he “dies”, but that isn’t something he really felt comfortable testing. […]