Dust: Part 24

The Start
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When Tamaya reached archives it was immediately clear that no one was around. The desk was empty and the lights were off, but that didn’t stop her from calling out to see if anyone was there. After waiting for an answer and nervously glancing around, she made the decision to call her boss to ask what she should do with his box. Her attempt to contact him on his company phone using her company phone went straight to his message machine. She left a quick message about the room being empty and not knowing what to do, and decided to check to see if he was still in his office.

In the hallway on her way back, a small box on the floor caught her foot, and the box of packaged papers flew from her arms. One package came open, and its contents were strewn among the other packages on the hallway floor.

“Aw shoot!”

She hesitated, because all the information was exposed and she really wasn’t supposed to see anything. This was something she felt should’ve been covered in training, or at least in the intern manual. Tamaya had a short mental debate over whether to try her boss again or do her best to not read anything she wasn’t allowed to know as she picked the papers up, but when she went with the former she was again forced to leave a massage. The better plan having failed, she picked up the package to start putting the files back in. There was one paper still half in the package…

“Accident Report?” She read from the protruding sheet, her resolution to avoid it broken already. “So that’s what the insanity is all about, there was an accident…”

Her curiosity piqued, she couldn’t stop herself from quickly scanning through the remaining files as she put them back in the package…

Next Part

Well, no more science notes. Considering what she’s reading right now I think it’s fitting to stop them now…

Don’t forget to check out my other story on reddit. It’s up to 6 posts now, most of them around a thousand words each. I’m having quite a bit of fun with it. 🙂

‘Till later

One thought on “Dust: Part 24

  1. Ah, she was forced to leave a massage. *nods sagely*
    The things women have to do in order to rise in the corporate world. :p


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