Dust: Part 23

The Start
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Work had been insane for the last couple days for Tamaya Sheach. She didn’t really know what was going on, but everyone was working overtime and the amount of papers they were having her shuffle back and forth was far beyond thrice usual. Something big had happened, that much she could tell, but being an intern at a place where they didn’t even use real names meant she never knew anything about what was going on. She hardly ever even got to know what the packages of paper she spent her entire summer sorting and ferrying from one office to another were about, other than that they were somehow science related. It was one of the most mind-numbing jobs she had ever had, but money is money, and it payed well.

“Here is the latest report from office 57. Unless there’s anything else you need me to do tonight I’ll be heading out…”

“Hold on just a minute, I need to check this first.” Her boss ordered.

“Yes sir.” She really couldn’t understand him sometimes. He had been really high strung a couple weeks ago, starting after reading a report she had delivered from office 57.Now when everyone else in the office was stressed like crazy, he was a bit tense, but didn’t seem to be concerned about whatever it was that everyone else was concerned about.

“So after today it’s your week off?” The man inquired as he skimmed the papers she had delivered to him.
Tamaya was taken aback by the question, as small talk was something rare among employees here, and with him it was nigh unheard of. “Um… yes, sir. It is.”

“That’s nice. You’re lucky, most everyone else has to spend extra time here for the next couple weeks.”

Tamaya nodded awkwardly.

“Well, I have a box I need stowed in archives.” He picked up a box from behind his desk, added a couple papers from the package just delivered to it, and offered it to her. “Once delivered you are free to leave for the week.”

“Yes sir.”

“Good night then.”

“Thank you sir.”

Notice to all employees in [REDACTED]: Due to the unresolved complications from the equipment transfer, all permanent staff are required to work emergency overtime hours until the situation is taken care of. Anyone with the clearance and necessary skills are to work on the extended studies of experiment #57005. Everyone else are to take on whatever roles are required to compensate for the employees displaced to work on the experiment.

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When is a good time to drop the sciencey footnote thing? ‘Cuz I’m running out of stuff to put in them…

‘Till later

2 thoughts on “Dust: Part 23

  1. A good time to drop the sciencey note things is whenever you don’t need anything there. Maybe try replacing it with something else sometimes? A seemingly unrelated radio notice, or a rival agency, whatever fits the bill.


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