Dust: Part 22

The Start
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Keegan spent the rest of Saturday checking just about any radio frequency that might conceivably be used by the people searching for him. He sent a message to Rick suggesting he do the same. Rick was probably in a better position to check for radio related stuff anyway, as he had gone through a phase where he was really into HAM radio, listening to police scanners, and the like. Rick pulled out a bunch of the equipment he had picked up at that time and started scanning. At about three in the afternoon Keegan headed over and they worked together for a couple hours. The only anomaly they found over all that time was a radio signal that was just a bunch of ticking. After listening to it for several seconds, however, it turned out to be just a shortwave radio channel for time synchronization, ticking for seconds and giving a little announcement before beeping for minutes.

“It isn’t like they’d be communicating over shortwave anyway…” Keegan observed.

“Yeah, probably not.” Conceded Rick.

“We really have no idea what we’re doing, do we?”

Rick sighed and hung his head for a moment, then perked up. “You know what the problem is?”


“The problem is that they aren’t doing anything right now. See, that’s why they aren’t communicating with each other. What we need is for them to have to talk, and that means we need some action.”

“Are you saying…”

“We need to recreate last night, but with someone in here listening for signals.”

“By someone you mean you.”

“Well, yeah I guess.”

“And by ‘recreate last night’, you mean get me almost captured again.”


“That has to be the worst idea I’ve ever heard.”

“Well I guess that means this radio thing is a dead end then.”

“I guess it is, We can keep the police scanner listening though, just in case…”

Rick grunted in affirmation, and proceeded to put most of his stuff away.

When [REDACTED] heard of the failure of experiment #57005 he was most disappointed. He had considered it one of the most promising experiments under his direction, and made every attempt he could to find a way to return it to human testing as soon as possible. He even theorized that the mental breakdowns were associated to the type of people we have available as test subjects, stating that they had “no will to live” and thus “they could not hold themselves together when things got rough”. While I think it is an interesting concept, it is not something that we can test without spending more of our limited supply of subjects. We don’t even have to ask, [REDACTED] simply would not agree to allow any of the tests he wanted.

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I really should figure out where I’m going with this…

I have no idea what I’m doing. xD

‘Till later

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