Dust: Part 0

For a moment he just stood there, staring blankly into space. “What was I just doing?” He asked himself upon snapping to, and for a few seconds he tried in vain to produce an answer. “Keegan, you’re getting so absent minded.” He liked to voice his thoughts. Especially here, in the woods where he often went to enjoy the peace and quiet. It was a place he could slow down and contemplate whatever issue may be on his mind, and it was very conveniently located behind the apartment building he had recently moved into. But it dawned on him that he had no issue to contemplate, and it was an unusual time for him to be out for a walk. It was shortly after 4 in the afternoon, when he got off work, and his first hour or so after getting home was almost always spent on his computer. He labeled himself ‘officially confused’ upon realizing that, try as he might, he couldn’t recall going out for a walk in the first place. He brushed it off as one of those quirky tricks your mind plays on you sometimes, and headed back home.

He returned in time to catch his phone ringing. “Oh thank goodness you’re alright!” The flustered voice of his mother greeted him. “I heard there was a big accident close to your work and I was worried you might have been hurt.” After reassuring her that he was, in fact, alive and unharmed and that it had been a good day at work, he said goodbye and hung up. Musing over how protective she still was, he got on his computer to check the news. Nothing about an accident came up, but it was only a few minutes ago by the sounds of it. The local news might not even know about it yet. “Well, I’ll check again later…”

Notable side effects discovered so far include: headaches, dizziness, nausea, grogginess, rashes around the affected area, temporary blindness, and memory loss. Some effects, such as memory loss and nausea, become less severe as the subject becomes conditioned to them. Others, such as rashes, don’t start until the subject has undergone at least 8 activations. More information is required before any accurate models can be made regarding short or long term safety, but for the time being it has proven safe enough that the next stage of testing for experiment #‭57005‬ has been authorized by [REDACTED].

Next Part

So this is a story thing I’ve been playing with. Hopefully I can keep this up without too much delay between parts. I don’t do a whole lot of writing and this is a bit of an experiment for me, so constructive feedback is appreciated. 🙂

‘Till later.


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