Initiative: You, Me, Us: Episode 3

Everything is grey. The buildings, the cars. Everything. What little color there is is muted and washed. It’s quiet. A wind blows through, hardly startling the weeds that pop up in the between the cracks in the pavement, but it makes no sound…

Initiative: Dust Y2.02

For a moment he just stood there, staring blankly into space.
“Well that was… different.”
Leaving the woods behind his apartment, he went inside to call Rick.

Initiative: Dust Y2.01

Four o’clock arrived, and Keegan started to walk home from work. He tried to leave quickly, but Rick rushed to catch up with him. “Hey man, why don’t we do something?” Rick asked, panting…

The Fence

Lonely and bored, Ainsley was always lonely and bored. As he sits on the back step, he sees a squirrel climbing a tree on the other side of the fence. He sighs, wishing he could go play in the woods and find a friend to play with…