Dust: Part 1

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It was rather surprising, waking up refreshed even after how late that sick stomach kept him the night before. Wait… There is altogether too much sunlight… “Crap!” Keegan exclaimed. “11:38?!? I never sleep in!” Rushing to the phone to try explaining his situation to his boss, he noticed there was a message. “I even slept through the phone ringing? What the heck? That always wakes me up!” He had always been a light sleeper, and to his knowledge his phone had never rung without him waking. “Well, it’s probably someone wondering why the heck I’m not at work” he predicted as he started playing the message, “or firing me…”

“You might as well not come to work today.” Yup, fired. “Apparently there was a big accident of some sort after you closed up shop last night real close by and there are government people all over it, not letting anyone within a few blocks of it.” Wait, what? “I’m told it will be at least a week before we can open again, which is unfortunate, but they’re compensating us for the time lost along with any damage that may have happened. That means you get an extra paid week off, so see you then.” With that the message ended.

“Wow, I really dodged a bullet there… Something about an accident again. You know, I forgot to recheck the news last night…”

He had just booted his computer when the phone rang again. “Hey!” his coworker Rick blasted. “I suppose you heard about work being closed and all, we should hang out.”

Rick was always trying to get him in on some ridiculous scheme. Last time they “hung out” Rick convinced him to… Well let’s just say that he’ll never be able to look at wheelbarrows the same way again. He didn’t feel like doing anything crazy today, so he started to politely decline.

“I don’t think…”

“Great! See you in 10!” Rick interrupted him and hung up.

“Man, he can be really pushy when he gets excited about something… I wonder what it is this time.”

Keegan quickly checked the news before getting dressed. Sure enough, there had been a large accident, and the only pictures available were of guarded “do not cross” lines that were blocks away in all directions. “Wow, it must’ve been right next to work. I hope there wasn’t too much damage…” Looking at the comments it appeared that there had been more images when the article was first published. “That’s strange. I wonder why they’d take them down.” Apparently there were also some people who had been in the area at the time that were still being detained.

“Wow, I must’ve just missed it, lucky… Well, I guess I’d better get dressed, Rick’ll be here soon…”

[REDACTED] insists on moving to the [REDACTED] facility for further testing. My superior, [REDACTED] doesn’t like the idea of having to move expensive and potentially dangerous equipment over long distances, but has been unable to change [REDACTED]’s mind. We have planned a route that avoids major population centers wherever possible, however we were unable to avoid a couple small towns. I tend to agree with my superior’s concerns, if anything goes wrong during transportation we’ll be in deep [REDACTED].

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So apparently I’m actually sort of sticking to a schedule with this… We’ll see how well that’ll work once the blog gets caught up with what I have already written. XD
Please note: I’m a programmer, and as such I’m using Zero-based numbering. Therefore the story starts at Part 0.

‘Till later


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