Dust: Part 21

The Start
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Keegan had been going through his day normally, spending some time on his computer and doing some chores, when the full impact of what had happened the night before hit him. Not the part where he died and reappeared in the woods, but the whole situation with the bike. He was being actively hunted. He was being hunted by people willing and able to use lethal force against him in the middle of a populated city. He was being hunted by the very people who knew the most about the thing that apparently has already saved his life several times. What if they could figure out a way to track him using it? Or worse, what if they found a way to remotely cause him to disintegrate and not reform? Even worse, what if they located him and brought his family or Rick or someone else he knew into it? He was starting to see why Rick had been suggesting he have a secret identity of some sort, but in more than half of the situations he was playing out in his head it made absolutely no difference anyway. Even in the ones where it did it may very well be too late. He hadn’t been guarding his identity at all last night, they’d probably recognize him the instant he showed his face again.

After worrying about this for quite some time, he decided he’d at least start wearing a hat and some sunglasses during his daily life whenever it wouldn’t be conspicuous to do so. Additionally he began to make escape plans for as many potential confrontation situations he could, even though most of the situations he could think of left him feeling helpless. If someone watching the area recognized him at work or on his way to work what could he do? What if they recognized him and trailed him home without showing themselves? These were the situations that he actually had some control over, and even these were rather hopeless overall. He considered turning himself in to keep the situation from escalating, but he had no idea what they’d do to him if he did. If only he had some way of finding out what they were doing and what they knew… Perhaps their agents/guards/whatever used two-way radios of some sort to communicate. If they did he might just be able to listen in…

The situation with experiment #57005 has forced us to bring it back out for testing in the form originally used for human testing, although not with humans given the fatal nature of the experiment. We are testing it for any possible missed weaknesses that can help us in bringing the target in and preventing his escape. Thus far the only viable courses of action would be to somehow trap him in a completely airtight container, which would have complications relating to feeding and providing a breathable air supply, or to use some method of persuasion to get him to turn himself in voluntarily. It would help if the suits would let us know what we would be doing with him once captured.

Next Part

So I’ve started posting another story to reddit, because a subreddit there is devoted to that type of story, and there’s one story in particular in that subreddit I rather enjoy following. That one was actually what got me into a writing mood when I first had the idea for both of these stories. (Which was actually within a couple weeks of each other nearly a year ago IIRC…)

‘Till later
-David (aka chipgw)

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