Dust: Part 20

The Start
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Friday morning arrived, and Keegan had actually slept reasonably well for the first time in a few days. Whatever was happening, his body was getting used to it. He really wanted to find out more about what supposedly happens when he “dies”, but that isn’t something he really felt comfortable testing. He doubted he would even if he had a guarantee he would “respawn”in the woods again, and he didn’t have anything other than what Rick told him. How on earth could you test to see if you’ll survive something that should kill you without risking actually getting killed? Having Rick tell you that you’ll survive it isn’t very reassuring…

Upon considering the fact that “respawning” (if that’s what it was…) wasn’t causing him to vomit as much anymore, he decided to spend some time to see if the pain reaction that had been quite strong in response to minor injuries before had weakened at all. He took out his knife to give himself a small cut, something he still hadn’t quite gotten used to yet even after all the testing they had done the other day. After hesitating for a moment, he gave himself a small cut on his left arm. It still hurt like heck, but the burning sensation certainly wasn’t as strong. That means that if he ever did end up in a fight, he wouldn’t be instantly overpowered by the pain. It still wasn’t something he intended to seek out in any way though…

Experiment #57005 has no known weaknesses. Everything we have thrown at the subjects so far, they have been able to survive. The only things that impede reconstruction is heavy moisture and sealed environments. Moisture only slows the transportation of cells, but it takes quite a bit to make any significant difference. Full immersion in water is one of the only things that is even a slight concern for a subject. The only potentially fatal external weakness so far involves dismemberment and placing different parts in airtight containers, which would require a subdued subject to even be possible.

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Break time! (From school, not from this. You can breathe a sigh of relief. :D) So I’m considering going back to another story idea of mine over break. Even if I end up doing it, I wouldn’t stick to a weekly schedule for it like I am for Dust, and Dust’s schedule wouldn’t change at all. It would just be a thing I write now and then for the heck of it…

‘Till later

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