Dust: Part 19

The Start
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The nausea attacks were definitely going away. This time it had barely been anything. He didn’t even end up actually vomiting, although he had felt like it a couple times. That was nice, especially because work had called and they were going to be opening again on Wednesday. Although, if the randomly-in-the-woods thing really was caused by “dying” as Rick said, it certainly wasn’t something that he intend to do regularly, and it was always after that when the nausea attacks hit.

Keegan was having a bit of trouble believing the whole “you disintegrated” thing Rick kept telling him though. How would that even work? It would be nice if he could actually remember what happened. The last thing he could remember this time was walking away from Rick who was looking at the sidewalk, although after Rick had mentioned the bike he could kinda remember seeing it on the sidewalk. According to Rick the bike was being watched, which unfortunately meant he’d be walking to work now, and he’d probably have to take a different, longer route to be safe.

Seriously though, how would disintegrating and popping up again in the woods even work? Did it just disperse all his cells or molecules or something and rebuild them in a completely different location? It would have to reconstruct his entire body, his entire brain even. That would just be insanely complicated, and as an involuntary reaction? It was just too much. If only he could trust whatever agency that created this to not imprison him for life, dissect him for study, (not that that would work out very well, what with the healing factor and all…) or do anything else that would completely destroy his life. Then he could talk to them to figure things out… For a moment he considered wearing a mask and confronting them, killing himself as an escape if they tried anything, but they already let him escape once, they probably wouldn’t let it happen again…

Unauthorized binding of experiment #57005 confirmed. The bike was returned to the scene and a caucasian male with short dark hair came for it. We waited for a moment as he checked the bike, and when he attempted to ride away on it we moved in and tased him. The target experienced an activation, confirming that the experiment has been successfully bound to him. Unfortunately he experienced a full activation, and thus managed to escape. One of the snipers let off a shot, but it’s unclear whether it or interference from the tasers caused the full activation.

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Finals are hitting me hard right now, so quality is a bit down this week. I’ll probably come back and clean this up later. Anyway, back to those pesky final projects…

‘Till later
-David (aka chipgw)

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