Dust: Part 25

The Start
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Tamaya returned to her apartment after reading through the accident reports while putting them away then pacing to and fro for several minutes trying to decide what to do with them. In the end she left them at the desk in archives with a note explaining the situation, sans the whole reading bit. The experiment described in the notes was absolutely incredible! To think that there is someone out there who just randomly stumbled into the ability heal any injury… Well, except a psychological one, and that made him a ticking time bomb. She really felt sorry for this unfortunate soul who was being hunted by unknown forces and on top of that was basically set to die in a matter of weeks, probably with no idea. His only chance of surviving probably required being caught, but she really didn’t know what they would do to him. Judging by the notes they didn’t sound like it’d be friendly.

A strong desire to do something about the situation filled her, even if it was just to get a look around the accident area. Her uncle had a shop not too far from where the accident was, so she made the decision to see about visiting him during her week off. The chances of actually being able to see or do anything were very slim, but she wanted to try anyway…

Keegan and Rick laid low for a couple days, especially Keegan, but Wednesday was fast approaching and Keegan would have to return to work and risk being seen. They had made some preparations, Rick had returned to the roof a couple times to check for any secret agent types hanging around the area. On Monday Keegan decided to shave his head in order to alter his appearance, but that didn’t end up working quite right. Well, it didn’t end up working at all, because apparently the healing factor applied to hair too.

“Well, that idea went nowhere…” admitted Keegan after he and Rick realized what was happening.

“And fast,” Rick added. “Wait, so how is that gonna work once your hair grows? Are you just gonna be stuck with forever growing hair?”

“I hope not, I don’t want to end up with anything longer than a couple inches…”

“Dude, you’re gonna be, like, Rapunzel,” Rick teased as he gave Keegan a friendly punch in the shoulder.

“Ouch, careful…” Keegan ignored the Rapunzel comment, instead taking the opportunity to remind Rick that once they were back at work he’d need to stop doing anything that might cause even a small reaction from the healing factor…

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