Dust: Part 34

The Start
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The three reviewed all the information that Tamaya had been able to provide regarding experiment #57005. She had notes on symptoms, notes on the neural listening system and its binding process, notes about the mental breakdowns that caused it to be pulled from human testing, notes on the accident, and a compilation of everything that the files contained regarding Keegan himself. Keegan had been pleasantly surprised to find out they only had a basic description of him, and Rick had been visibly relieved to hear there was absolutely nothing about him. Tamaya even stated that, while it wasn’t stated explicitly in any of the papers she saw, she got the feeling that the search would soon cease due to the looming threat of the mental breakdown.

Unfortunately, there was really nothing she had seen that would offer any help in preventing Keegan’s demise. She could only recommend that he avoid using the ability, especially for full activations, and hope that knowing about the threat beforehand would give him a better chance. There was also that bit about how her supervisor had theorized it had a connection with the subjects themselves, but that wasn’t something they could be certain about or use in any real way.

After Keegan demonstrated how to get set up for secure messaging, Tamaya handed over what she had written down. She then departed for her home, promising to keep an eye out for any more information that would be of use.

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Well that was a short break. On Monday I’m already starting school again…

‘Till later


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