Dust: Part 35

The Start
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“Something isn’t right,” Keegan worried aloud soon after Tamaya had left.

“Yeah,” Rick blurted, “you have an amazing superhero ability made to keep you alive but it’s gonna try to kill you instead.”

“No not that. I mean, what are the chances we just happened to already know the one person both willing and able to help?”

“Dude, don’t question it. You’re a superhero now, that stuff always happens to superheroes.”

“But I’m not a superhero,” demurred Keegan. “That sort of thing just doesn’t happen in real life. Besides, you just got done saying it’s gonna kill me, what kind of superpower is that?”

“Come on man, all sorts of heroes have powers that are also weaknesses.”

“There’s a pretty big difference between ‘weakness’ and ‘will kill you sometime in the next few days’…”

“We don’t know for certain that it’s going to kill you…”

“None of the test subjects survived, Rick. None. Zero.”

“Chill out mate. It’s harder to have a mental breakdown when you’re chill.”

“And there’s another thing that’s wrong,” offered Keegan. “There are no nerves in hair.”

Rick cocked his head and scrunched his face in a quizzical expression. “So?”

“Pain signals in the nervous system are what trigger the… ability. Why would hair come back together when cut if there is no pain signal to trigger it?”

“Dude, you’re thinking about this way too hard. You really should try to take your mind off it. Why don’t we play a game or something?”

Keegan sighed. “What do you want to play?”

When Monday came around Tamaya nervously returned to work, afraid that trouble awaited her. Much to her surprise, her boss was very understanding, and after briefly reminding her to be more careful in the future he put her back to work as if nothing had happened. She went through the day with her eyes peeled, but no information gathering opportunity presented itself. She was going to have to get creative…

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I should get back to my reddit story, I haven’t posted one of those in a while… Maybe I should start cross-posting them here too…

‘Till later


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