Dust: Part 36

The Start
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The early morning sun peeked through the window, and Keegan awoke. It was two weeks to the day of the accident, the amount of time stated to be when the mental breakdowns began. He felt like he should be doing something different if he really was slated to kick the bucket soon, but on the hope that he would manage to avoid it somehow, he opted to just go about his normal day. Besides, all things considered a normal day was probably the best way to not have a mental breakdown.

Tamaya had hit the jackpot. Her boss had decided that if she was going to have information about the accident and experiment #57007 he wanted to make sure it was properly presented in order to avoid giving a bad impression. This approach did seem a bit odd to her, but as there was no precedent and she would be able to ask questions —albeit very innocent ones— she wasn’t about to argue. Of course, she had to sign an extra non-disclosure agreement and a few other papers, but what she had given to Keegan had already been a breach of her contract. She may not have admitted it at the time, but she had accepted the fact that she was working outside the law as soon as the idea to travel to Simon’s house had entered her mind.

The first thing her boss did when the necessary red tape was out of the way was to make a big deal about how the test subjects that had not survived had been well aware of the risks before participating, and that they had done everything they could to help them once the situation had become clear. Tamaya asked a few simple questions about how the experiment worked and the circumstances of the accident. Nothing she didn’t already know between what she had read and gathered from Keegan, but she didn’t want to seem too interested, she would plan out good subtle questions to ask later.

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