Dust: Part 28

The Start
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“That must be the bike,” Tamaya observed from a few blocks away. There really wasn’t anything to see from that distance, but it was about as close as she felt safe getting. “I wonder how long they’ll leave that just sitting there…”

The bike just sitting there was the only thing out of the ordinary, which was to be expected given the reports. She couldn’t really say, but the bike did seem to be vaguely familiar. If only she could get closer without worrying about being recognized by the agents who were surely still watching it…

“RING!” sounded the bell of the shop’s door.

“Oh hey Simon, she’s here!” Rick called to the office.

“Hey guys,” Tamaya greeted them. “How have you been?”

“Not bad,” replied Keegan. “It’s been a bit crazy the last couple days but other than that…”

“Right, that accident… Did you guys happen to see anything of it?”

“Um…” stammered Keegan. “No, not really.”

“Well,” Rick began, “we saw them packing up boxes from the roof.”

Keegan shot him a glare.

“Uh, there really wasn’t anything to see though.”

“That’s too bad, it sounded interesting…”

“Yeah, it did, too bad it ended up being totally, totally boring and…” Rick stopped short as Keegan glared at him again. “…yeah…” He returned to checking the shelves as he had been doing when Tamaya arrived.

After a few seconds, Tamaya asked “So what you guys do with your extra little vacation?”

“Not much,” Keegan jumped in before Rick could say anything. “Just hanging out, you know?”

“That’s nice…” Tamaya proceeded to look around the shop for a bit and then head back to Simon’s office.

Once she was gone, Keegan walked over to Rick, joining him in his shelf-checking.

“So how about we just don’t say anything about the accident at all,” he whispered.

‘Yeah, sure. I won’t say a word. Not a word.”


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