Dust: Part 29

The Start
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“One day back to normal life, check.” remarked Keegan as he plopped down on his bed for the night. Much to his relief, the day had passed entirely without incident. Rick had gotten the idea after being bugged about it, and the subject only came up one or two more times over the course of the day anyway. “If this luck holds maybe my life isn’t totally destroyed after all…” He tried to convince himself that it would be smooth sailing from here, but something told him it was far from over. Maybe it was the fact that he’d have to keep living these normal days over and over and eventually he would get injured in someone’s presence. Nah, it couldn’t be that…

“Dang it!” Tamaya exclaimed once she was alone in Simon’s guest room. “Just a normal day, nothing really out of place, nothing to get me anywhere.” She deliberated over what she could do differently tomorrow, but everything she could come up with required her to be much less cautious. The bike was guarded, and she couldn’t risk being seen around it. Rick and Keegan had gotten a look at the site, but if they saw anything they didn’t want to talk about it. They were probably concerned about getting in trouble, which wasn’t something she could alleviate without giving herself away. “I don’t even know why I’m trying,” she groaned. “Anything I could do to find the guy would’ve already been done…”

Rick knew he shouldn’t be, but he was actually a bit disappointed that nothing out of the ordinary had happened all day. Part of him really wanted to see Keegan in action. After all, what was the point of having a superpower if you were never going to use it…

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Look at me, putting not one but TWO horizontal rules in my story! :O So fancy. (Not counting the ones separating it from the links and such.)

‘Till later

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