Dust: Part 32

The Start
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Thursday and Friday had passed without incident, and come Saturday morning Tamaya began preparing to leave. She felt rather foolish for thinking she’d be able to succeed where everyone else at her job had failed, and hoped that she would be able to return to work without any of this causing trouble for her. Still, it wouldn’t be the same, returning to work with the knowledge that her coworkers were the sort of people who would shrug off ruining someone’s life.

After packing her things, she drove over to the shop to say goodbye to Simon.

Keegan was having a relatively normal Saturday, aside from the time he cut himself while preparing lunch. Right as he sat down to eat his phone rang. Simon had an urgent need of him at the shop. Rapidly finishing his sandwich, he rushed out the door.

Tamaya arrived at the shop to see Keegan unlocking the door.

“Hey, don’t you have Saturday off?” she asked.

“Yeah, I do. Simon called and said he needed me for something urgent though,” he replied as he held the door open.

“Where is he? It doesn’t look like anyone is here…”

“Don’t know. Simon?” he called. There was no answer, Keegan checked the office, but there was no one there. “The place is totally empty…” Keegan sighed. “Why do I get the feeling he is trying to set me up…”

“Set you up for what?”

“Um… nothing. I’ll call him.” He picked up the phone at the counter and called Simon’s cell, but there was no answer. After leaving a brief message, Keegan sighed again. “He’s trying to set me up.”


“Correction, he’s trying to set us up.”

Tamaya laughed, “Oh Simon.”

“So are you heading home? Did he tell you he’d be here to say goodbye?”

“He did,” she nodded in agreement. “He is undoubtedly trying to set us up.”

“Well, how about I lock up again and we go on our merry way?”

“Sounds like a plan.”
Keegan held the door for her again, then locked the door and turned to walk away. Instead of walking away, however, the door had his shoelace in a death grip, and his face hit the sidewalk. He exclaimed in pain, and Tamaya reached down to help him up.

“Ow, you’re really hot.” exclaimed Tamaya.

Then her eyes went wide.

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Huzzah! I am done with finals! Now I get two whole weeks before I start classes again… I’m not sure I like this year round school thing…

‘Till later


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