Dust: Part 42

The Start
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“So you’re saying that the experiment is behaving differently than it is supposed to?” Keegan asked after Tamaya finished explaining her theory.

“I think so.” Tamaya confirmed, standing in the doorway having just arrived. She decided to come over again because she too was off work for the weekend and she considered the situation important enough to warrant the trip.

“Is that why I couldn’t cut my hair, even though hair feels no pain or really anything at all?”

“You weren’t able to cut your hair? Well, that isn’t how the experiment should work, so it does fit with the idea.”

“So different how?” Rick asked.

“That I don’t know…”

After going inside, the three spent a couple hours trying to account for the differences. In the end, they were able to formulate a couple possible explanations. One such possibility was that, based the fact that it had to be a quick binding all-in-one sample, the experiment had become able to bind to other objects with contact. This theory did nothing to affect Keegan’s chances as far as they could tell, other than simply saying it’s different, nor did it account for the reaction of the hair. Another possibility was that somehow the experiment was in some way more attuned to mental influence and his subconscious expectations somehow caused it to affect materials that wouldn’t be involved normally, which if anything made his outlook a little worse.

“The problem is,” Keegan stressed, “we have way too many variables and way too little information.”

“Tell me about it,” said Tamaya as she leaned back on the couch, tired and frustrated.

Keegan flinched as the pain in his head flared up again.

“Headache again?” observed Rick.

“Yeah…” Keegan admitted, closing his eyes briefly before standing up. “I’m going to get some air, I’ll be back in a bit.”

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So this marks my 50th post on this blog, 86% of which are Dust…

‘Till later


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