Dust: Part 41

The Start
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By the time Keegan made it back to his house it was a bit late for messaging, but he sent one anyway. Tamaya and Rick probably wouldn’t see it until morning, but when they did they would find an account of what had just happened in as much detail as he was able to. After the message was sent, Keegan lay down to sleep, hoping that there would be no more funny business interrupting him.

He woke with a sharp headache, but was relieved to find he was still in his bed, it was morning, his bedding was no worse singed than it was the night before, and —most importantly— he wasn’t dead. After getting a drink to combat the headache, he checked his messages. Rick had responded about half an hour after Keegan had gone to bed, saying something about how it was kinda scary, but kinda cool too. Tamaya had not yet said anything.

“She probably hasn’t seen it yet…” Keegan mumbled as he began playing a game to get his mind off his headache.

Tamaya had seen the message, she just didn’t know how to respond. It was clear that he was having serious issues, but there wasn’t anything she or anyone else could do about it. She decided to go through her notes once more to find something, anything that might offer some small help. Upon reading the basic description of experiment #57005 once more, she noticed an oddity. The experiment was designed to reconstruct organic matter, but Keegan had gone through full activations with clothes, a watch, items in his pockets, and even a recording device. None of this was anywhere mentioned or implied in the documents she had read. All that was ever mentioned was the organic matter of the subject’s body. While this had no direct application in helping Keegan, it did mean that there was something about his case that broke the parameters of the experiment. Maybe it was the condition in which it bound to him, or perhaps something he ate or did in the days before or after the accident. Whatever the cause, if something was indeed different about it he might have a bit more of a chance… Unless she was just reading the information wrong.

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This is the part where I write something that isn’t the story, but I don’t know what to put here today…

‘Till later


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