Dust: Part 40

The Start
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As much as he wanted to deny it, Keegan was getting quite concerned. A headache had been creeping up on him all day, starting small enough to seem inconsequential but growing to the point he could not ignore it. On top of that, he had felt a bit warm at work, but unfortunately the feeling went away when he got home so he couldn’t actually check if he was running a temperature. Tomorrow was Saturday, so work wouldn’t interfere with thorough testing if anything like that happened again. Thinking about what he was going to do next as he began to prepare for bed, he felt another of the sharp pangs that preceded a flashback…

That knot in the stomach that comes from being in free fall was all that filled Keegan’s awareness as his consciousness returned. The world around him slowed, his adrenaline pumping, but even then he hadn’t any time to catch his bearings before he landed on the pavement. His back lit up with fiery pain. Writhing and groaning, he braced himself for the disbursement he expected, but it didn’t come.

“Must… not have hit… hard enough for a… full activation…” As he struggled to catch his breath, he began to sit up. “Ouch, I really left a mark,” he observed, looking at the blackened sidewalk beneath him. “But I’m not dead, so there’s that.” He layed back down and paused briefly to appreciate that fact and also to cool down. “What the heck am I doing here though?” Taking in his surroundings, he noticed he was next to the tall building on 5th street.

“Okay, I am definitely talking about this right when I get back.”

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I still think this story would work well as a webcomic, to bad I don’t have the time, patience, or skill for that kind of artwork…

‘Till later


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