Dust: Part 39

The Start
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“To be honest, we’ve mostly given up looking for the guy. Given the history of the experiment the committee decided it would be simplest to just give it a few days and keep an eye out for missing person reports.”

“Oh…” Tamaya really wasn’t sure how to react to this news, it did mean that Keegan would be able to loosen up at least a little bit on watching his back, but the certainty with which they were planning around him dying soon was not a good sign. “Well, I guess it wouldn’t make a difference anyway, unless you had some way of saving him…”

Her boss sighed in feigned compassion. “Yes, the poor fellow was probably doomed the minute the vehicle hit him. It really is a shame we couldn’t figure something out, that experiment was so promising…”

“So they have nothing,” Tamaya informed Keegan via message after returning from work. “They’re really just waiting for you to die and show up in a missing person report.”

“Well that’s really reassuring…” responded Keegan.

“But at least that means you don’t have to worry about them hunting you down.”

“True… Say, did the notes say anything about flashbacks?”

“They really didn’t get into specifics about that sort of thing. Why? Are you experiencing some?”

“Just a couple, of the accident and such.”

“It might be part of the breakdown, or it could just be a part of the memory loss side effect wearing off.”

“Also, I noticed some of my bedding seems just a bit singed. Maybe I was experiencing some minor accidental activations while I was sleeping?”

“Dang, that can’t be good. My boss did seem to think that you at least have a some chance of keeping it together though. Well, he said that the variables were different and that the committee might end up regretting banking on you just going away.”

“Well, it will be nice to not have to go the roundabout way to work, even if I still have to walk.”

“I have to go. Stay safe, I’ll talk to you later.”

“Hey, can you not say anything about the flashback thing to Rick? He’d probably overreact and come up with some crazy explanation or worse suggest some kind of treatment.”

“If that’s what you think is best…”


Next Part

So this is the last part I will write as a 21 year old. 🙂

‘Till later


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