Dust: Part 38

The Start
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As Keegan lay down to sleep, he deliberated over whether or not he should say anything about the flashbacks he was getting. Twice more the images struck him over the course of the day, one of the sidewalk where his bike sat, probably from the time he tried to get it back, and the other in the middle of a bunch of wreckage on the road, likely from just after the accident occurred. On the one hand, it was a good thing if his memories from the “full activations” —as Tamaya called them— were returning, but on the other hand the jarring nature of the flashbacks and their timing implied a connection to the threat of mental issues. He hadn’t had anything happen that could be considered an “accidental activation” on any level though, so maybe it was nothing. No, it can’t be a coincidence, he thought as he began to drift off. Maybe I’ll do something about it tomorrow at work…

With a low groan, Keegan started to wake up.


It was still dark, but the cold, hard surface beneath him told him that he wasn’t where he fell asleep. Still half asleep, he waited for his eyes to adjust. Wherever he was, it definitely wasn’t his room, there was a distinct shortage of mattresses and warm blankets here.

“Hold on…”

He snapped awake as he realized where he was. He was at the shop, he’d know those shelves anywhere. Well, not anywhere, just at the shop, because that’s the only place they were.

“What the heck? Did I sleepwalk? All the way here?”

Standing up, the disoriented Keegan made his way to the front door. On the way there he checked the clock. It was a little after one in the morning, no wonder he was still tired. He unlocked and opened the door and once outside turned around to lock it again when he realized he didn’t have his keys. He was starting to slip back into half-sleep, so he stood there blankly for a moment before going back inside.

“I must’ve used the code to come in through the back…” he mumbled as he locked the door again. “Or I brought my keys and dropped them somewhere inside…” He quickly scanned the area, and seeing nothing, left through the back door to make his way home.

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This post marks nine months since I posted Part 0, just three more months and I’ve got a full year of this story under my belt. Keelah, time sure knows how to disappear…

‘Till latre


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