Dust: Part 43

The Start
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Keegan wandered aimlessly, his brain burning in his skull. As the headache grew steadily worse, he became lost in the pain, and awareness of his surroundings escaped him. He continued to stumble down the sidewalk, and a cool sensation ran up the rest of his body. For a brief moment his awareness returned enough for him to mumble, “Crap, this is it isn’t it…” before darkness enveloped him and he went limp.

“Maybe we should be keeping an eye on him right now,” Rick offered. “You know, just in case.”

“Perhaps, but it isn’t like we can be watching him 24/7…” responded Tamaya. “And really, what difference would it make?”

“I guess…”

Tamaya sighed. “Still, I guess it might help us feel better, at least a little bit…” After brief consideration, she stood up. “You know what, yeah. Let’s go.”

The pair stepped outside.

“Did you see which way he went?” Rick asked.

“No, my back was to the window. How about you?”

Rick shrugged. “Nope, sorry.”

“Okay, well how about you go left and I go right. You can send me a text if you run into him.”

“Too bad he doesn’t have a phone, that would make this way easier…”

“But do you remember what happened to that recording device? I doubt a phone would have fared much better.”


Tamaya came to an intersection and looked both ways down the adjoining road, as she had been doing for the past couple blocks. She stopped when she noticed an odd looking van parked by the sidewalk several blocks away. Squinting to get a better look in the dimming twilight, she realized what was happening and immediately turned away in horror.

They had found Keegan.

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There may or may not have been some evil chuckling going on as I wrote this… >;)

‘Till later


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