Dust: Part 15

The Start
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Keegan arrived at the building without any unusual occurrences. Earlier that would’ve been a good thing, but now he actually wanted the woods thing to happen again. Funny how that works, first he’s annoyed because it keeps happening, now he’s annoyed because it hasn’t happened yet. Anyway, Rick wasn’t there yet, so that means more waiting. Yay… After sitting on a nearby bench for a bit and walking around the block once or twice Rick arrived. While they were going up the staircase Keegan debated whether to say anything about the image of the turning truck. In the end he decided against it. Rick would just get excited about it for no reason.

When they got to the roof there wasn’t much to see anymore. Both the bike and the truck were gone, as were all the strewn boxes. The only thing left to see was a large tent that hadn’t been there before. It was located a bit away from where the accident had been, and there was a short line of people leading up to the entrance.

“Dang, it looks like they’re almost done. I guess that means our little vacation is almost over.” Rick stated with disappointment.

“What do you suppose they’re doing in there?”

“Dunno. Maybe they’re handing out the money they said they’d pay us.”

“Do you think they’re looking for me?”

“Uh, probably. Isn’t that why we stopped talking about it over the phone and such?”

“No, I mean maybe they’re testing those people for the healing factor thing. Looking for me.”

“Shoot, you’re probably right. They know that their sciencey stuff is missing.”

“And that’s exactly why the superhero thing is a bad idea.”

“Oh come on man, they’d find out about that part anyway, you just need a secret identity so they won’t know it’s you. Haven’t you read any comic books?”

“When does that ever work though?”

“Hmm… Touche.”

“It’s… Wait, something’s happening…”

The last person had just come back out of the tent, and the area was suddenly full of activity.

“They’re packing up, aren’t they…”

“I totally called it, we’ll be going back to work tomorrow.”

The scene is clear, and everyone who was within the quarantine zone at the time it was established has been tested clean of any unusual substances. (Other than one who tested positive for several illegal drugs, who has been sent to the local authorities.) We are now packing up to lift the quarantine, as it no longer serves any purpose in the search for experiment #57005. The bike has been sent to the lab for some tests and to attempt some repairs. Once it is done we will place it on the sidewalk at the site and keep an eye on it.

Next Part

So I had to look back and see if I spelled it “sciencey” or “sciency”. Apparently I had done both. I decided to go with “sciencey”. Figuring out how to spell fake words is hard… Anyway, enjoy.

‘Till later

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