Dust: Part 16

The Start
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Keegan watched as equipment was packed into vehicles and the tent was taken down. He was trying to identify whatever he could in hopes that there would be something that would shed some light on… something. He didn’t really know what, which made it rather difficult. He did this for several minutes, but there wasn’t really much to see. Most of the things that seemed like they might be important were boxed up.

“Are we done yet?” Rick mumbled. He must not have found watching equipment get packed away very interesting for some reason.

“Well, I think they’re just about packed up now…”

“Great, we can go back to work tomorrow… Hey, what’s that on the sidewalk?”

Keegan glanced down. “Huh?”

“Straight down” Rick pointed to a mark on the sidewalk, “There’s a great big black spot.”

“What does that have to do with anything?” Keegan asked as he returned to looking through the binoculars.

“Nothing, I’m just bored.”

“Really? I thought you were making observations about the sidewalk because you were super excited…”

Rick sighed. “Can we go yet?”

“Eh, I guess. Not much is happening that I can actually see.”

“Not much is happening at all…”

“Okay, I get the point. We can go.”

“Good. You know, I’m surprised they haven’t noticed us up here.”

[REDACTED], due to the nature of experiment #57005 when the subject experiences a mental breakdown it is effectively fatal. In the event of a full activation the cells fail to reconstruct properly. On top of that the subject becomes prone to accidental activations caused by their state, so simply preventing activations while treating them is not possible. Thus, once the mental breakdowns began, none of the test subjects lasted very long before deteriorating into a pile of dust.

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So… This “Patreon” thing looks interesting. I’m considering setting up an account. I’m not sure anyone cares enough about my writing to pay for it, even small amounts, but it might be worth a shot, right? Well, I’ll think about it… (But don’t worry, either way I’ll still post them here no charge, maybe I’ll just put them there a day sooner or something…)

‘Till later

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