Dust: Part 14

The Start
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“Do you think it’d be safe to go back to that roof?”

“IDK, why?”

“I’d like to get another look at the site, with the binoculars this time.”

“Oh, right. You didn’t get to use them last time…”

“So what do you think?”

“Even if the government isn’t watching I’m not sure I can get us up there a second time. I wouldn’t want to get my friend in trouble.”

“That’s very considerate of you.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“It’s just you never seem to care if I get in trouble. Remember that wheelbarrow thing?”

“Dude, that was totally an accident.”

“So you say, but you seemed rather deliberate about it at the time.”

“Whatever, I think we can go back if you really want to.”

“You won’t be risking getting your friend in trouble?”

“Nah, I suppose if it were a problem we wouldn’t have gotten to go there in the first place.”

“Alright, meet me there in twenty minutes?”

“Make it an hour, I’ve got some stuff to do. Plus I’ll have to double check that it’s okay first.”

“Sure thing, talk to you then.”

Keegan minimized the chat application and sat doing nothing for a couple minutes. He wasn’t very good at waiting. Having no plans for the day and being restless due to the recent events made the time pass far too slowly. He rechecked the audio device, but that didn’t take very long. His mind wandered and he started to stare out his window. A large truck drove past, its brakes squealing as it pulled up to a nearby intersection. At that sound an image flashed in Keegan’s head of a truck like the one at the accident site. It was taking a left turn, and was obviously taking it too fast because it was starting to tip over. It was coming right for him. The image lasted less than a second, but it wasn’t one he’d soon forget.

[REDACTED], I was quite disappointed to hear that you sent experiment #57005 back to the drawing board. You stated it was due to the subjects experiencing mental breakdowns. I would like to ask why that is of concern to us, as mental breakdowns are relatively easily treated. It would be a unacceptable for such a promising project to receive such a large setback for anything less than fatalities.

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This one is a bit short, as is this extra little note at the end. (See, wasn’t that short?)

‘Till later

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