Dust: Part 13

The Start
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When it had finally subsided, Keegan noted that the nausea attack hadn’t struck him quite as badly this time, perhaps his body was adapting to whatever it was that it was doing. That or he was just getting used to throwing up all the time. Man, if this didn’t let up before work opened again he’d use up his sick days pretty darned quick. Hopefully he and Rick would have this whole thing figured out by then. This makeshift audio recorder should help with that. He realized that if he had a cell phone he only would’ve needed to find an app for it, and one of these days he was going to get one, but he could never find one he could simultaneously afford and be satisfied with. This worked though, or at least it should, and setting it up hadn’t been all that difficult. He would have to check it again in a few minutes to be sure. He had set his computer to say the time out loud every minute so that he would be able to verify that it held the most recent 20 minutes as it was supposed to.

Really though, they had no idea what happened at the time they wanted to record. That meant that not only would then have no idea whether or not it would hold up when it happened again, but that they had no idea what would make it happen again. Or did they? For a moment Keegan looked for patterns between the three occurrences. All three times he had been outside, and two out of the three the last thing he could remember was being on his way home. Even after a few minutes of concentration, however, those were the only connections he could recall, other than the woods part itself.

Anyway, that should be enough now, time to check the recording and verify it ended at the right time. He detached the device and put the memory card into his computer. He verified that the last spoken minute was the right one, which it was, then replaced the card and restarted the device. “Now I only need to wait…”

The only information we were able to get from the scorch mark was an approximate height of between 5 and 6 feet, which doesn’t help narrow our search much. The size of the bike does fit with the height approximation gained from the scorch mark, but the bike itself has thus far given us nothing concrete. While it is a male bike, that doesn’t completely rule out a female rider. Other than this missing sample and relating evidence, the scene is clear. Until this is taken care of, however, we cannot lift the quarantine. The condition of the driver remains unchanged, which is most unfortunate as he would likely be able to identify at least the gender and approximate age of the target.

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There was something I was going to say here, but I forgot what it was… Dang, I should’ve written it down when I was thinking about it. Anyway, as usual, feedback is appreciated, and… well that’s it I guess.

‘Till later

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