Dust: Part 4

The Start
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Rick had just been telling his coworker Keegan about the theories about the quarantine zone around their workplace when he noticed that Keegan was doing his spacing out thing again. “Earth to Keegan, you listening?” Rick teased, and proceeded to give his friend a good slap on the back. Much to his surprise Keegan let out a low cry of pain, and stumbled forward on to his hands and knees. “Woah! Are you alright?” Rick asked. He put his hand on Keegan’s shoulder and then quickly removed it. “Yeowch! You’re really hot mate! Not like, smokin’ hot, like fry me up an egg hot… Seriously, are you okay?” By his point Keegan seemed to be recovering from whatever it was that struck him.

“I… I think… I’m fine… “ Keegan was obviously out of breath. “What in… the name of…”

“That’s what I was going to ask.” Rick interrupted. “All I did was give you a hearty pat on the back. Are you still a thousand degrees?” Rick reached to feel his shoulder again, but hesitated a few centimeters away. “You know, I might actually want some cold water on my hand…”

“Was I really that hot?”

“Dude, I think my hand is turning red. I’m gonna run water over it.”

“I felt like I was on fire…”

“You were, minus the flames. Can we get moving? I really do need water…” Rick suddenly realized that the state of his hand was rather minor compared to whatever it was that just happened to his friend. “Hold on, do you need anything? Should we bring you to the hospital or something?”

“No, I’m fine. Let’s go get your water.” Keegan assured him while standing up.

“If you’re still up to our little espionage thing we can just stop in the bathroom on our way to the roof…”

“Yea, uh… I don’t know…”

“I totally understand if you want to call it off. I mean, something is definitely off with you.”

“No, no I’m fine. Let’s go.”

Before [REDACTED] is fully tuned to the neural signal it is meant to receive it will often be prone to interference caused by related signals. Despite having been “trained” to the signal before being introduced into the subject’s system, it usually doesn’t fully tune until several correct activations have occurred. This interference can cause false positive signals being initiated when a similar stimuli is encountered, resulting in a partial activation of whatever the signal is meant to result in.

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