Dust: Part 3

The Start
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The building wasn’t far, so they set out on foot. For the first couple blocks Rick recited some theories about the accident. There was something about a UFO crash in transit to a top-secret government facility, something about a large illegal drug shipment that spilled all over and intoxicated a few people, and something about a terrorist bioweapon that was caught just in time. They all sounded a little over the top. Keegan wasn’t paying all that much attention anyway, as he was starting to feel poorly again.

All at once he realized he might be contagious and if so he was exposing Rick. For a moment he considered explaining it Rick and going home, but he realized Rick would probably just pass it off as him changing his mind and trying to get out of their little trip. “Earth to Keegan, you listening?” Crap, he thought. I was spacing out again and Rick noticed, typical. He had just opened his mouth to respond when a burning pain ran up his back, the rest of his body began to tingle like a sleeping foot, and a sharp headache instantly struck every part of his brain.

We’ve stopped at a small facility in [REDACTED] to stay the night and also unpack, check, and repack all equipment to be sure nothing has been damaged. Nothing has. I don’t know what the scientists are so concerned about. The first half of the relocation has gone as smoothly as anyone could ask, yet they seem as nervous as ever.

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So now I’m at the point where I’m posting parts that I hadn’t posted on gwgnetwork.com before it went down. I still have a couple ready, so I’ll keep this every Friday night schedule up for at least 2 yet, hopefully longer…

‘Till later


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