Dust: Part 49

The Start
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Day 19: Subject has escaped containment by blocking the sedative and triggering an activation. Given my analysis of the symptoms he was experiencing he is no longer in need of constant sedation, either he is dead by now or he has overcome the issues. It won’t be long before I know which it is. As such, I will be backing off, keeping an eye on the experiment from a distance. By giving the subject some breathing room hopefully he will explore applications neither the agency nor I ever would have considered.

Keegan awoke Monday morning feeling fine. Excited by his escape and wanting to test out new possibilities, the workday dragged along at a snail’s pace. The only problem was the looming danger that the science people now presented. They had captured him, surely they would have identified him somehow. His wallet had been in his pocket the entire time he was awake, if they hadn’t known before nabbing him they certainly did now. Thus his curiosity was supplemented by a pressing need to become as proficient as possible using his new abilities.

Additionally, Tamaya would most assuredly be in an extremely delicate situation. The three of them had decided last night that, for her own safety, Tamaya would no longer meet with Keegan or Rick in person. Contact would be kept to a minimum, and she would continue keeping an eye out for useful information, albeit more cautiously.

Keegan was leaning on the front desk mulling over all these concerns when Simon came up behind him to say hello. Keegan jumped.

“A little high-strung are we?” Simon teased. “Are you feeling guilty or something?”

“Um, no…” denied Keegan. “I’m fine, I just had kind of a crazy weekend and I’m still processing it all.”

“Ah… Have you happened to talk to Tamaya recently?”

“Huh? Well, a little bit… Why?”

Simon put on a face of faux disinterest. “No reason, I was just curious. I’d better get back to my office.”

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I felt like slowing it down a bit for this one…

‘Till later


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