Dust: Part 48

The Start
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When he finished his moment of staring blankly into space, Keegan gave a little victory shout and raised his fists in the air.

“Yeah! I can’t believe that worked!”

He had made it out of the glass box and into his house. He immediately went to his computer to tell Rick and Tamaya, but when he pressed the power button nothing happened. Looking behind the case, he saw that all the cords had been unplugged.

“What the…”

“Um, hey guys I’m back,” Keegan posted in chat after reconnecting everything. “Why was my computer unplugged?”

“What’s the secret word?” demanded Rick.

“Um, we never talked about any secret word…”

“So how are we supposed to know it’s really you?”

“Hmm… remember the wheelbarrow thing?”

“Say no more.”

“What wheelbarrow thing?” Tamaya joined in.

“You really don’t want to know…” Rick assured her.

“Anyway,” interjected Keegan, “what did that one note about interference say?”

“Hold on let me check…” Tamaya responded.

“So what happened to you?” Rick asked as they waited for Tamaya to retrieve the note.

“I was trapped in a glass box and studied. It was great.”

“Really? How’d you get out?”

“This note?” Tamaya interrupted, attaching an image of a note saying: “Before (blacked out) is fully tuned to the neural signal it is meant to receive it will often be prone to interference caused by related signals. Despite having been “trained” to the signal before being introduced into the subject’s system, it usually doesn’t fully tune until several correct activations have occurred. This interference can cause false positive signals being initiated when a similar stimuli is encountered, resulting in a partial activation of whatever the signal is meant to result in.”

“So that might mean I’m good now,” theorized Keegan “or maybe I have to do a couple more first…”

“A couple more what?” asked Tamaya.

“Mental activations.”

“Mental activations?”

“I got out of the box and home by causing a full activation with my mind.”

“Coolness!” Rick chimed in.

“If I’m reading it right the accidental dying activations were probably interference on mental bindings, I guess I’ll know whether or not I’m fine in a couple hours…”

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Posting a bit earlier tonight for once… I’m glad I finally got an opportunity to bring up the wheelbarrow thing again. 🙂

‘Till later


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