Dust: Part 11

The Start
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This wasn’t a place Keegan often went of his own volition, but if they wanted to keep this a secret phone conversations were probably a bad idea. He had the feeling Rick was probably doing some sort of a preparatory task, which needed to stop. For once he was going to convince Rick that his idea was not a good one. Knocking on the door, he called out, “Rick, we need to talk.”

Rick opened the door a crack. “Oh, it’s you…” He slammed the door shut, and for a few seconds the clicking of locks could be heard. “Hold on, it’s stuck.”

Keegan sighed and took a seat on the step. When Rick got his extra locks out it usually took at least 20 minutes for him to open the door. He used them a few times at Keegan’s place too, but apparently he was no better at it with his own door. After several long moments of continued clicking and scraping, Keegan had an idea. Doesn’t he have a back entrance? I wonder if he locked that… Going around to the back, he located the door and entered quietly. It wasn’t locked at all. At the sight of Rick continuing to fiddle with the locks in at the front door Keegan chuckled.

“Gaaah! How did you…”

“Back door.”

Rick’s eyes went wide. “Son of a-”


“SON of a-”



“Yea, you said that.”

“… I forgot all about that door.”


“So what did you want to talk about.”

“We have to think about this. I can’t go straight to being a ‘superhero’ just because we’ve observed something that might be some sort of superpower. We know nothing about it. For one, I’ve been getting sick after every time I’ve used it, what if it’s killing me or something?”

“But it does the exact opposite of killing you, it heals you.”

“Well, yes, but it hurts like heck when it does, and then I get sick afterward. I’m not saying it is killing me, just that we have no clue, and we need to learn more about it before we jump to conclusions.”

“Uh, okay.”

“So we won’t be doing anything about it yet, no crime fighting, no suit, no training, nothing.”

“Then what will we do?”

“We need to find out more about the crash. We need to find out who those people are, and what they do.”

“I guess I’m fine with that…”


“I suppose, just so long as we can do the superhero thing when we’re done.”

“Only if what we find out doesn’t give us reason not to.”

We are putting all available resources into searching for a potential unauthorized activation. An approximately human shaped scorch mark was found under the truck at the scene of the accident, given what I have read about the nature of experiment #57005 I would say that an unauthorized civilian activation is confirmed. Unfortunately we can’t coordinate with many other agencies due to [REDACTED] not wanting any information about any of our work to leak, even to other agencies.

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Keelah, I am really not nice to myself sometimes. I did’t start this one until just a couple hours ago… Yay… Once again, quality may have suffered due to this procrastination. (Shame on me.)

‘Till later

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