Dust: Part 10

The Start
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Rick got a bit more sleep, but not much. He was just too excited. Keegan was, like, a superhero! He was going to need an outfit and some catch phrases and some crimes to fight and some signature moves and… Did Keegan know any fighting moves? Rick decided he would have to teach him some. Rick took Judo, so he knew a thing or two. Wow. Training a superhero. That was not at all how he thought he would be spending his week off. Not that he was disappointed. No sir, not in the slightest. In fact, this was a hundred times better than even the best plans he had been thinking about. Training a superhero, Wow…

As tired as Keegan was, he just couldn’t get back to sleep. This whole situation was just too bizarre. After finding that any blood that came from his body would shortly dissolve he noticed that any mark the needle made on his skin would similarly vanish. Once it became clear that there was actually something going on, he became even more interested in exploring it than Rick was, and they spent the next couple hours poking and prodding to figure it out. Eventually they came to the conclusion that he had what Rick called a “healing factor”, which meant that any injuries he received would quickly heal after a short burning sensation. Rick seemed convinced that Keegan was now a superhero of some sort. That probably means that he’ll want to train me. Keegan guessed, he’ll probably bring up his two weeks of Judo again to qualify himself for it too…

The thing was, Keegan wasn’t sure that was the best idea. The superhero thing, that is. He was quite certain that having Rick “train” him would be a bad idea, but it was one of those things where if Rick decided to do it, he’d do it. Unless… he can’t find me. observed Keegan. Maybe Mom wouldn’t mind me coming home for a few days, since I have them off… For a moment he had decided to do just that, but then he realized that his lack of a cell phone prevented it. He would need to stick around in order to know when his unplanned break would come to an end.

Besides, just disappearing like that wouldn’t be very nice to Rick, who’d probably think the government came and hauled him off for study. It wasn’t like Rick was a jerk or anything, he just had some really bad ideas sometimes, and Keegan was never able to convince him that they were, in fact, bad. It would be no different with this superhero thing. It wouldn’t matter that they’ve only tested small cuts and bruises so far and had no idea how it would hold up with larger injuries. It wouldn’t matter that neither of them would know how to find a crime to fight, much less how to fight it. He probably hasn’t even realized that we still haven’t explained why I have twice ended up in the woods with a fuzzy memory. Keegan noted. Now that Rick has decided that I’m a superhero, I guess I’m stuck.

Experiment #57005 was conceptualized as a method for the automatic restoration of organic matter to an undamaged state after the subject sustains damage. The execution involves using a neural listener to intercept pain signals, at which point the individual cells disperse and return to their previous location in the subject’s body. Aside from healing minor injuries, we have found several other interesting and useful applications for this method.

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It’s 2016 now, so Happy New Year to everybody. I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but I’ve been posting these a little earlier than usual for the past couple weeks. That’s because I’ve been with my family over Christmas break, which is two time zones over from where I go to school. I’m headed back to school over the weekend, so next week will be back to the normal time.

‘Till later

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