Dust: Part 45

The Start
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“So what do we do tomorrow morning when he is supposed to be at work?” Rick asked over chat on Sunday afternoon.

“Can’t you just tell Simon that he’s sick and needs a few days off?” suggested Tamaya “I doubt he’ll think much of it.”

“I guess, but I can only keep it up for so long before he figures out something is wrong…”

“Well hopefully we can get him back by then.”


“I really don’t know.”

Awakening again in the dark room, Keegan stopped himself just before his face met the glass.

“Can I at least have a little bit more room?”

“You know, I never got a good look at the subjects as they were breaking down, they died too fast. It’s actually quite fascinating,” the man in the shadows responded, disregarding Keegan’s plea for headroom.

“Fascinating how?”

“Well, it seems that the neural listener compound is still in a state of binding. It seems to be starting to pick up signals in various areas of the brain, hence the headaches and random activations.”

“So you gonna be able to figure out how to fix it?”

“That’s what you’re here for. I can’t solve this issue without a test subject.”

“Is that what I am? A guinea pig?”

The man didn’t answer, and could be heard clicking away at a keyboard.

“So then what happens to me once you figure it out?”

Again the man ignored him, and after a few minutes of continued typing his silhouette could be seen standing up and grabbing what appeared to be a jacket.

“I have to go, don’t do anything stupid while I’m gone.”

“What, you mean die?”

“More or less.”

“Oh, darn!” Keegan exclaimed, his voice dripping with sarcasm, “that was exactly what I planned on doing right as soon as you left!”

Making a sound that was half chuckle and half scoff, the man turned and left Keegan alone.

“Well this is just brilliant.”

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So of course the internet back home decides to be spottier than a leopard with chicken pox right when I need to post this. I had to go outside with my phone and waste more than 10 cents of data! But at least I got it done on time…

Oh, and also I updated my other story yesterday when the internet wasn’t being so troublesome. Maybe check it out if you want…

‘Till later


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