Dust: Part 7

The Start
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Rick knew he shouldn’t be checking over his shoulder for government agents every five seconds but he couldn’t help it. I’m, like, a fugitive! He thought. He looked over his shoulder again. Gaaa! This is it… Wait no, that’s just the mailman. He also knew he was probably blowing the situation way out of proportion, but he couldn’t help that either. His whole life was about evil faceless government agencies taking people away to never be seen again. He just couldn’t believe he was actually in a situation where he might be the target. Well, the target of possibly getting his memory erased, which wasn’t quite as bad as disappearing forever but was certainly still something he’d prefer to avoid.

He made it back to Keegan’s place without incident, but he was still feeling jumpy. He decided to enter the building quietly. “Keegan?” He whispered loudly. “Where are you?” Walking around slowly, he thought he heard a sound from the bathroom. “Hello?” He asked nervously. “Come on man, this isn’t funny.” He came into view of the bathroom. The door was open and Keegan was sprawled on the floor. “Woah! Are you OK?”

Groaning, Keegan and started to get up. “What?”

“I asked if you were OK. What’s that smell? Did you throw up?”

“I… yeah… I’m not feeling well. Maybe you should go, in case I’m contagious.”

“You think that’s a side effect of a memory wipe?”

“Huh? Uh, I guess it could be, except I was feeling bad last night too.”

“Oh…” Rick looked somewhat disappointed to see his theory disproven.

“Wait… I couldn’t remember my trip home from work yesterday either.”

Rick perked up. “Dude, they had to wipe your memory twice? You think maybe you saw the accident?!?”

“I don’t know, maybe. I’m still not a hundred percent sure that they erased my memory… For now I’d just like to lay down now…”

“Sure thing mate, I’ll see you later.”

Keegan went to his room, bringing a bucket, and Rick proceeded to check all the windows for government agents before leaving.

Because we had to leave on such short notice some equipment wasn’t quite properly dismantled for transportation. Some were even live experiments fully ready to bind. Normally we don’t do that, and this is a prime example of why. There was a live sample of Experiment #57005 that has yet to be accounted for in the wreckage. Of course, we haven’t tested many of these compounds in exposed outdoor conditions, so it’s quite possible it just vaporized or burned in the wreckage but we currently have no idea. We must continue to work under the assumption that it’s still on the site somewhere in need of cleaning, which is really slowing things down.

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So finals didn’t prevent me from getting this written one on time! And now I have a break! Woot!

‘Till later

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